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Ranka´s show

Fang-tan Ranka

The two latest episodes have been mainly about Ranka. Sheryl pulled a fast one on Alto giving him a birthday present of a world that does indeed have a sky so that he can fly in it.

Whoa, Alto the stud

Why wouldn´t he?
Alto-hime´s secret is out!!

Some revelations, some worthless fighting(when you watch the ep you go WTF why are they doing this?) and wow, epic episode.

So about that half loli in Macross Frontier

Big Loli

Phew, well, the episode is so-so and gave some motivation back to continue writting about each episode, but only some. Not so much that I´ll take like 40 screencaps again, it wasn´t that much brilliance as the earlier eps, but a little.

Damn, lost motivation to episodic bloging of MF

Poor Alto-hime

No, I aint dead. But it feels like I´m dead. Atleast with the motivation to write about MF, EP7 was so so, lots of great fighting and so, but otherwise it was meh. EP8 was better in the regard with it had more humour and so. But at the same time I can´t figure out if this is a harem show or a school show or a mecha show since they tend to blend into eachother quite much.

It´s Long Long Goodbye

Worried Onii-san

Not much really to say about this ep. Alto behaves like a stupid fuck, goes dere dere with Sheryl and well it´s just a big dissapointment really, except for the final four minutes which is saved by the concert that Sheryl holds. Watch below


Baby Light that fire!!

With all my talking about Macross Frontier and how godly it is I just have to bring everyone´s attention to another show that I also enjoyed when I was younger. The reasons are almost the same, love triangle, great music, mysterious enemies and all that.

Star Date

Angry Oniichan

So, Haesslich was right, I have to write about episode 05 of Macross Frontier since it just rocks so damn hard. For all of you that haven´t seen it or are waiting for the subs. Don´t continue to read on since it´ll pretty much spoil the whole episode for you. It´s that good!!

Pure Ownage

This ep is made of pure win and ownage. And as said, I watched this RAW so I might have missunderstood some parts but I hope I understood everything correct and whoa, what an episode, it just shows of what Macross is about, dog fighting, music, rivals and just about everything that is good.

And by the way, sometimes I´ll write stuff in italic under an image, this isn´t what they are saying. It is just what I think they are saying, there is about one scene that I kinda know what they are saying since I´ve heard that before :p

Upcomming post

Man, I barely finished the post about EP3 and then EP4 arrives and blows the previous eps away.

This is just a short short post to notice everyone that I will write about Macross Frontier EP 04 later this day. Hit the jump for SPOILER IMAGES!! So if you want to wait for the EP to be subbed before reading this, then do so. This is from the RAW that I watched. So keep out if you don´t want to be spoiled.

Second thought on Macross Frontier


So, I´m back, and everyone knows what that means right? More stuff that isn´t really SFW, ecchi screenshoots and thoughts about episodes. The weird thing is that I thought I wasn´t going to do this kind of blogging. But it just keeps comming and comming, that and it´s somewhat fun to do as well.

And with people misstaking me for Sasa then I can just tilt my head upwards since I think she writes extremely well, but rarely :p

Anyway(man I really like to use that word don´t I?) hit the jump for my second thoughts on Macross Frontier, since writting about three shows in a row at 2eps a show will get your eyes burning. And it will turn boring to read as well. I´ll try to write something about Kanokon and Code Geass R2 later today. But for now you´ll have to be satisfied with Macross Frontier.

I won´t be bloging more Macross Frontier after this though, the one thing that might appear later is if something of oh my god this is great proportion appears(like Kyou from Clannad in the locker room.)