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Heterochromia - AFA 08: Day 2 Journal

AFA 08: Day 2 Journal

Day 1 had me walking around the venue numerous times. Day 2 on the other hand was mostly a waiting game. I reached around 1100hrs to photograph any items I missed out yesterday. Thankfully, the crowd was at bay. I whittled away the time at the Industry Seminar area while waiting for the Cosplay Mania event to start at the main stage.

Impressive line-up for free seminars. Audience was mainly studying/working in the animation industry.

In between waiting, a prize giving for the Mangaka competition was taking place.

Winner for Secondary School category

Winner for Open category

I parked myself near the ever reliable video-cameraman and prepped my camera. As the timing drew nearer, the crowd got uglier. People were squeezing in at every available space and encroached the view of the seated audience. Not cool.

There were 9 teams strutting their stuff. 2 from Code Geass, 2 from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kingdom Heart, Trinity Blood, Vocaloid, Ultraman and Final Fantasy. Sad to say, skits turn me off, especially the last one. (No hard feelings girls, but it just didn’t seem right)

1# KHR: Getting jiggy with it

#2 CG: Hooray for free advertising

#3 Ultraman: This is gonna hurt

#4: Vocaloid: Presenting…

#4 Vocaloid: Look at my new uniform for my upcoming game!

#5 CG: It’s OK to be defective

#6 KH: Bullet Sword Time revisited

#7 TB: Details, details, details…

#8 KHB: To the EXTREME!!

#9 FF: Even lolis can’t save this act

After the show, Aniki belted out some tunes while the judges tabulated the scores. Since Aniki was among the judges, he was on hand to present a special Aniki favourite cosplayer award. Being the giant robot fan that he is, he chose the (malfunctioning) robot from Code Geass, naturally. The other Code Geass team won best overall.

I like symmetry

Oh look, the infamous signature on a whiteboard. I don’t see him complaining

Can’t you people take photos the normal way? You know, through the viewfinder?

Following that, Koji Morimoto showcased a short from the upcoming Genius Party Beyond, entitled “Dimension Bomb”. A mind blender of of a music video, it showcased Yoko Kanno on vocals and music (Electro + Breakbeat). He kindly explained the story behind it, but I kinda forgot soon after.

Sonic Youth

I walk a lonely road

Koji Morimoto, One and… Oi double, you’re in the way!

I wandered around to catch some cosplayers in action, but my stomach was already grumbling. Skipping breakfast was a bad idea and it was almost 1700hrs now. A quick bite later, I looked for a spot for the May’N gig. The fenced off VIP area was slowly starting to fill up with enthusiastic fans wielding light-sticks. They began to rehearse to the Macross Frontier OST playing in the background.The Quis Band from yesterday repeated their performance to work up the crowd.

Light sticks at the ready

It was a repeat of the Cosplay event earlier on when the crowds surged forward near the gig time, inching for every available space. A couple of people squeezed closely to the front and right of me, toting video cams, hereby obstructing my elbow room. Thankfully, they were a head shorter than me. (The perks of being a 6 footer. I apologise to those patient peeps who were tiptoeing behind me) The host announced that all forms of photography and recording were off limits for the gig upon May’N request. I looked around the camera toting crowd. Right…

Is Mr. Kowtow somewhere in there?

The crowd roared in excitement once May’N appeared and the bass-line kicked in. With two back-up dancers in tow, she performed the night away. (Pity abound the sound quality. Thank goodness I only paid $8) With every song, the crowd reacted excitably, and at one point, I could actually feel the floor vibrate from the fans stomping. The energy was simply ecstatic, but her set ended within the hour and I don’t think an encore would have revealed any more, considering her limited songlist. Ah well, she’s just starting out. The end talk by May’N was the typical I love Singapore, will come back next time, yada, yada… I didn’t stay on for the autograph session and from what I heard, it was either disappointing or LOL-inducing.

And so ends Day 2 of AFA 08, and along with it Singapore’s first anime convention. From my POV, it was a resounding success, with some minor improvements to be made here and there. I’m still a casual fan after all this, but I’m definitely enjoying it for all it’s worth. AFA didn’t manage to extract any money of of me, except the $8 entry fee, but I would gladly pay $20 just to whittle down the crowd. And what’s best is that there are no Yaoi paddles on the loose at this con. :P

P.S: May’N pics will be hosted on my flickr page instead

Equipment List: Pentax K10D + Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 Macro + Pentax SMC M 50mm f/1.7 + Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Macro.

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    ghostlightning wrote:

    May’n pics? Where? WANT!!!

    Posted 26 Nov 2008 at 13:19 CE(S)T

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    Crystal wrote:

    Is it just me, but I really don’t like the secondary school student’s entry. The drawing just looks really bland with her just standing there even with the special effects.

    Other than that, sounds like you had fun!

    Posted 24 Nov 2009 at 02:25 CE(S)T

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