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Heterochromia - Looking back at one week in the blogosphere #4

Looking back at one week in the blogosphere #4

You might notice that this post comes early by one day. However, I really wanted to get this post done today, and you will see in my next entry why ;) Pictures also might be added whenever I feel like it.

I don’t really want to talk about the Akihabara stabbing stories anymore, since everybody and their mother commented on it (including myself on Osu’s post).

This week’s blog crush falls upon The Pink Sylphide. Considering how chaotic and pink I find that site (and its categories), the only and main reason why I think this blog is a jewel lies in its episodic blogging on Janggeum’s Dream. As expected, the fansubs never went beyond the first episode and even though the anime cannot compare to the original dorama at all, I did want to know more about it, because I am a rabid fangirl of the original dorama.
(On a completely unrelated side note, the intense looks in Rei’s and Asuka’s eyes make me want to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion again. 7 years ago, this is what I loved that series for.)

Omni is being really consistent with his Daily Dose entries and I find myself interested in most of those news. This makes Random Curiosity much more valuable to me than it was already.

The anime blogging world has also shaken by Otaking, the guy who complains about fansubbing being EVIL. A sad, old story. Whoever is interested, The Anime Blog covers it with a pretty nice interview with the source of all evilz.

I am glad to see that several sites actually picked up my old post on manga and academia in their news. Thank you for linking! A propos manga, I realized that I am somewhat interested in manga news recently. Obviously we have MangaBlog that covers everything from the lay offs at Tokyopop to manga reviews all over the manga blogosphere.

The Blogger’s Choice for the ABA has come out. Now that one looks much more like what I would have voted for (except for Memento’s absence which hurts a lot).

News about the second season of Haruhi have been spreading around with this beautiful long-haired Haruhi as its highlight in my opinion. We’ll see, it’s probably all a marketing trick, since it’s based on novels after all.

Finally, Iwa ni Hana has a new, readable layout. I can read it, yay!

Quite a few people have blogged about the OP single of Toshokan Sensou that just came out, but this entry is the most interesting so far, imho. I even wanted to comment my own impressions on this single myself, but then I saw that the song is apparently getting enough attention already.

This definitely comes a few months too late, but I just had to mention this post on Dream Theater’s Forsaken. I approve of the comments except for Owen’s, because he doesn’t know Dream Theater. The comparison with Linklater is more than interesting and I’d dare to say that Waking Life is much better both artistically and message-wise than this video.

Scott has a very insightful explanation on Tokyopop’s history and why it failed so badly now. Of course zaitcev does not agree with his opinion, but I think Scott makes quite a lot of valid points. (The only thing I don’t agree with is that I truly think OELs are crap.)
In the same line, there is quite an uproar recently around the horrible working conditions of mangaka. When will we see this in the anime industry? Hungry seiyuu and stuff? *hrr*

I know that this posting is actually extremely old, but now that I just finished watching Dennou Coil (I know, it’s been ages), it’s really great to see this!

Okay, this is not really blogosphere news, but I just had to mention that I find this somewhat wrong. Meidocaf├ęs make perfectly sense to me, but mikos in miniskirts just feel like blasphemy to me. I think there is a reason why mikos in anime are traditional mikos with a touch of moe-ness.

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    Teeif wrote:

    All that in one week!? What a busy, busy week! Time passes quick.

    I agree, Miko appeal is that their clothes are awesome.

    Posted 14 Jun 2008 at 19:56 CE(S)T

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