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Heterochromia - Nodame Cantabile Live-Action Ep.1&2

Nodame Cantabile Live-Action Ep.1&2

Nodame Chiaki

Oh my God, this is the first j-drama episode I have ever seen in my life (I only watched one single k-drama and very few c-dramas so far). It’s been ages since I have read the manga, so it turned out I didn’t really recognize how much better the manga is at the beginning. (Which is actually good, uh.) Then I compared manga and drama side by side and noticed that the manga is actually more sensitive and builds up their relationship nicely by showing how Chiaki slowly learns about how amazing Nodame actually is; unlike the drama where Nodame is really an annoying brat who looks a little bit retarded.

But oh well, that’s what makes the drama funny - in fact, all characters are much more hilarious in this version, especially “Milch Holstein” (haha). Of course, the best improvement the drama has made are the constant references to *cough* scatology (or, to be more exact, poop). XD Actually I think it is gorgeous to compare Nodame to Mozart - he’s the perfect idol for her, a genius who thinks and talks like a little child.

It also helps that the cast is absolutely gorgeous: the characters are just like you would imagine them to be and that they actually are pretty good actors! (At least they exceeded my expectations.) Nodame is rather pretty (but not a beauty, just like you expect her to be), and looks so stupid when she deforms her face. I also like Chiaki’s actor - he’s a bit too slim for my tastes, but he’s pretty cool *g*

Masumi-chan Mine-kun

The second episode was even more fun. I slowly got used to the character of the live-action and enjoyed the unusual relationship between Nodame and Chiaki even more. I wish I would be more knowledgeable in classical music though, that would most likely enhance my viewing (and listening) pleasure. Even though it annoys me a little bit to hear lots of very familiar pieces, because I think that they do not match the situation at all, I know basically none of the pieces they are actually playing. Without knowing how Beethoven’s Spring is supposed to sound (okay, you get the little tidbit played by Chiaki, but still), it’s rather difficult to enjoy Mine-kun’s version.

Actually I particularily like Chiaki’s character. He’s arrogant, elitist and everything, but with that talent, I seriously can understand that. I also enjoy his sarcastic remarks, it makes him a good counterpart to Nodame’s energetic, weird character - they just are like Kyon and Haruhi. Apropos Haruhi, I don’t mind his violence against Nodame either because Haruhi is even worse - such things are part of the hilarity after all. That’s why I was really glad he managed to change divisions - even though has has to conduct S-Orchestra now.

By the way, in every shôjo series I have watched there is an item that I like. Hachikuro has Pukkun, Ouran has Haruhi’s hairstyle and Jigoku Shôjo had the logo/mark/whatever. In this case, it’s Nodame’s piano shaped bag. Me wants! (This should be fairly easy to make ^^)

Anyways, I am very pleased with this drama and now I have even higher expectations for the anime! (Is that a bad thing? =.=)

PS. The ending sequence reminds me of the Bundesdance. Unfortunately this is pretty old (there is a 2005 version I can’t find anymore) and a good example of german political satire. German politics are so much fun really *ggg*

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    Os wrote:

    Ah, Pip and I were just fangirling over the last episode a while ago and we were looking at things we could *wish we could* buy and one of the things was the bag. If I remember correctly, it was $51. Sheesh. I’m not pro on bags, but damn.

    I’m sad that the dorama ended as it quickly became one of my favorites of all time. I can only hope there is a Nodame II

    Posted 02 Jan 2007 at 07:00 CE(S)T

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