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A Guy Can Have Frilly White Curtains If He Wants

Ahhh, despite the fact that I now have a new blog, I did promise to post my room pictures here.

Now out of all my friends -which includes males and females, mind you-, only one or two really appreciate my room. The rest, they just laugh and go “Oh Vu (my name), you and your silly anime junk”… well, all of ‘em say that actually. I wish I could take my “junk” down with me to college, but I’m actually a closet fan and I’d rather not let many people know that I’m into this stuff. So at most, I bring my Dragon Ball Z poster than I got when I was a wee lad and some old Puffy AmiYumi stuff I got from Tofu Records when it was still alive and put them on the wall and call it a day.

At home, though. That’s my sanctuary. I no longer buy dvds but if anything I’ll *probably* buy the Lucky Star and Aria box sets and buy all of Honey and Clover if/when it comes out. What I still do is buy a lot of manga. I go to the bookstore at least once a week to read for free and occasionally I’ll buy something if I feel it’s worth adding to the collection. Of course, I dont buy without a coupon. But enough chit chat, you came here for pictures:

Matte, Ten, Anna, Newt, and Os Walk Into A Bar…


And we decided to start a new blog together. (Please click it, bookmark it, Visit often etc. You know the works)

Yes Indeed, I have again moved to a new blog. Cant stay one place too long, can I? I’d like to thank Sasa for offering the opportunity to blog again. I seriously thought that I was done when I closed Karoshi up, but I was pushed and prodded and I started to blog here. Then I sorta got the passion back… Buuuut I was posting too many junk posts here so I decided to go and make my own place where I can be a spammer like Lolikit. I will explain more in the intro post there.

1000 Reasons Why Japes, TJHan, Karura & Hinano > Lolikit

1) I feel kinda bad that I’m posting so often when I’m supposed to be an ex-aniblogger. I’m also taking up Manga’s space with these silly posts. At least his are related to anime.

2) #1 wasn’t even a reason why NOT to vote for Lolikit. I’m essentially just numbering every sentence that comes to my head.

3) Have you SEEN this?!:


Fuck the ABAs, I WANT TO LIVE -no, not really, go ahead and vote/participate. It promotes the community… but for the sake of this post, please “fuck it”. Thank you. I will now continue-!

After reading this, I realized that I have to take matters into my OWN hands. My OWN AYA HIRANO LOVING HANDS. I dont care what the ABA has to tell me anymore, I want an award ceremony that matters: the ABAs. THE REAL ABAs. The Aya hirano is Better than lolikit Awards.

How am I going to do this?

The Daughter of 20 Faces - Aya Hirano’s the Next Michael Jordan

If I told you that I had high hopes for this series, that would be a lie. If I told you I wanted to watch this show simply so that I could hear Aya’s voice, that would not be a lie. If I told you that this show was fantastic, that would be a lie. If I told you to watch it because I think you’d like it, that would be a lie. If I then proceeded to tell you that I want to watch more of this show because I enjoyed Ep.1 greatly and I thought it was amazing, that would be a huge lie.

If I told you that this show took over 5 minutes before I could finally hear Aya’s voice, that would not be a lie. (Note: to be exact, you dont get to hear Aya’s voice until 6:18 mark, using [live-evil]’s version.) WHAT CRAP IS THAT? You have the biggest voice since… well, I really dont know specific seiyuu names besides Sugita and Minoru Shiraishi, but that’s a pretty big name you got there. I’d spam her voice everywhere like Lucky Star did: OP, every character voice, ED (it IS her song, by the way. Not too bad), everything. Unlike many people, I actually like her -and her voice- a lot. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon because of Haruhi, it was this. What’s not to love about her after reading that, AMIRITE?

But If I told you to watch this show because I wanted you to, that would not be a lie. Why? Well, I’ll get to that.

My Moment to shine is here! Goodbye Heterochromia!

I kid. I’m not leaving… yet?! Summer is when I make a comeback?! … convince me?

I appreciate this, in a weird way. First it starts out with compliments to me! Congratulations abound.

Zaitcev on Gravion

Without further ado, here’s Zaitcev on Gravion:

Gravion surprised me with its poor form. I’m just not used to watching anything this retarded.

This comes from the guy who still buys Naruto -uncut, mind you. You know, to keep it real. Blood and all- for the retail discounted price of… $29.99. Wait. Wait. I’m not taking a blow at Naruto. I think it’s still awesome. Believe it. What I dont believe is that Gravion is a bad show. Why? Look at what he has to say elsewhere:

Bus Lamer - The Crappiest Show Ever?

Like how I did that? “Lamer” instead of Gamer? LOLOLOL?… no. Not even that horribly horrible pun can quench my rage. I’m so angry right now, you dont even know. Imagine coming back from a long day of classes and horribly average test grades and with the hope of grabing a little R and R only to realize that you were gonna get screwed watching the thing you enjoy most. How does any of that sound good? April fools was 22 days ago! STOP IT ALREADY, LIFE.

This show has horrible animation -Gonzo, how low you’ve fallen, having to animate this stupid story I hate you, Geneon-, the character designs are ugly, and not a single hole has been closed. Usually first episodes are the best because that’s the hook that would drag you in. All the money goes to the first episode, that’s like a cardinal fact. At least that would be good, right? No. Episode 1 through 3 were all like my cafeteria: disgusting and yet no matter how much I pray, it wont get better.

Special A-hhhh, Well, It Was Okay

I guess I can never relive my Ouran High School Host Club days again. Something about Ouran was just amazing that, with the exception of an episode or two, I would immediately run to my Wordpress the minute I finish and just jot down things to say about it. Special A… well, as you can tell, it was okay for me.

School’s winding down to a close, so I dont have much time to watch things. Special A was THE show that I was waiting to watch this season and episode 1 didn’t disappoint, per se. It just didn’t blow me away either. I picked up the manga because it had the “Shoujo Beat” sign and I love reading my shoujo. I mean, who DOESN’T LIKE all this implied romance that never comes to fruition?! THE ANGST?! THE PASSION?! THE GRAPHS?! The manga is pretty good and better than the anime, but that’s to be expected most of the time, isn’t it?

You’re Not an Anime Viewer Anymore, You’re a Monster

First off, how epic is that picture above? We’ve all seen My Neighbor Totoro once in our lives, but what about … My Nemesis Zombie Totoro?… Yeah, me neither. That was pretty lame of me. I need to get back into the groove of things. My bad.

After seeing that picture, I just had that urge once again to just blabber on about something. It was the same feeling I got when I decided to do the Slice of Life post. It’ll start off as something awesome in my head but not convert to anything good in post-form as you soon may find out. But why the hell not. I have to start writing again as I will be taking a creative writing course next semester and I have all this jibberish to throw at you about what I’ve learned about monsters and make it falsely seem as if I was an intelligent person (read: a historian. Ooooh, burn, Allegro… don’t fail me please. I’m just kidding. Really.).